American Fork, UT ( October 13, 2009 – is inviting readers to submit their best tips on scavenging for free food to win a host of prizes in their new contest, Student Scavenger Contest 2009. Entries range from desperate to funny to despicable.

The contest asks readers to share their original "starving student" stories of how they successfully foraged for free food. The first-prize-winner will receive a $100 restaurant gift card, a $200 Wal-Mart gift card, and a case of Top Ramen. Second place will win a Wal-Mart gift card and a case of Top Ramen. Third place gets a case of Top Ramen.

Students share their shameless experiences of getting food from Costco samples, mooching off of a girlfriend’s cooking, or eating leftovers at the restaurants they worked at.

"Ok, this is going to sound really bad… but you can get great free food from the food pantries at local churches," says Karen Meyers, a contest entrant and a student at Southern Virginia University.

"We wanted to reward our users and have some fun in the process," says Adam Sorensen, director of SEO at "So we created this contest where students can be a part of something, share a good laugh, and win cool stuff."

The contest is meant to kick off’s new College Life blog, which features posts, videos, podcasts, and contests about everything college life. More contests will follow on a monthly basis.

Sorensen continues, "When I was in college, I would completely run out of money by the end of the semester and all I could afford was Top Ramen… I think almost every college student can relate to that."

The contest ends at midnight on October 31, after which a random drawing will be held to select the winners. Winners will be announced November 2. To enter the contest or see contest entries, visit: is a leading online portal providing information and resources to prospective students looking to begin or to finish their college education. Currently, represents dozens of colleges and universities, offering over 1,000 accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. is dedicated to bringing schools and students together and helping individuals make education decisions to meet their professional goals.


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