The desire to travel, to some extent, is fed by certain, unique sensations that are impossible to experience otherwise. For some, it’s the strange dance that millions of people, bicycles, cars and busses perform daily in the streets of Ho Chi Min or Bangkok. For others it’s seeing firsthand the masterpieces that have been preserved for hundreds of years in the ancient cathedrals and monuments of Europe. For me, it’s the smell of earthy spices and the cry of the Imam five times a day from the minarets. Whatever it is, millions of us catch the bug and feel the need to see the distant corners of the world.

The problem for most of us is in financing; we lack the money and time to go explore the globe. Not all of us can afford the extravagant, month-long junkets that Congressmen and CEO’s seem to take on a whim. Most of the rest of us lack the freedom to vagabond around in the style of Kerouac or Twain. There is a way that you can see the world and get paid to do it.

Governments and organizations all over the world are constantly looking for qualified English teachers to help train the rising generation of their citizens in the common language of business and technology. Most offer competitive salaries and some even pick up the housing bill. The benefits often include health coverage and paid vacation, much like you’d find in the States. All offer the opportunity to engross yourself in a new, exotic culture and environment.

There are secondary benefits to teaching English in a foreign country. There is no feeling comparable to helping children, especially those in war-ravaged or impoverished countries, rise above their circumstances and become a positive force of change in both their communities and the world.

Countries like Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, Kuwait, Thailand, China and Qatar are always looking for new teachers to hire. For the more adventurous, opportunities abound in parts of Iraq, like Kurdistan in the North.

Whatever the reason you choose to travel, teaching English abroad can become an excellent way to facilitate the means to help you reach this goal.

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