In order to try and improve their test scores many states decided to try a tactic to raise their test scores. They decided to lower their standards and believe that students reading and math skills at their grade level will improve. The scores will increase and show that students are improving when they haven't truly mastered the skill.

What's peculiar is that the government is trying to raise the standards and challenge students more so that we can stay up with educational standards in other countries and states are trying to lower them. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said that "We're lying to our children when we tell them they're proficient, but they're not achieving at a level that will prepare them for success once they graduate."

Individual states largely have control over their own education. However the government does have some say when it comes to the No Child Left Behind Act. Even though the act has caused some problems when schools have failed to perform, the intentions were good. Actions were taken but have failed to deliver.

Now schools are trying to boost scores by lowering their standards. This tactic is ridiculous and stupid. The point is to try and improve education and this will not improve education.  The scores are just  the way to analyze and mark improvement. So lowering scores is not going to accomplish anything but just make things worse.

Because of states actions, the federal government is trying to encourage states to accept a set of standards by offering millions of dollars. The money would come from the federal stimulus law which allocates money to Obama's educational reform. The reasoning behind this is that students currently do much worse on National Assessments than they do on state tests because of the different standards. So if states lower their standards there will be an even greater difference between test results.

Standards need to rise in order to help students compete with their international peers. Since 2005 more states have lowered their standards than raised them. Another problem children are facing is that states standards differ greatly; so children may be considered proficient in one state and not in another.

Education is really important in everyone's life. Children and adults both need a greater education. There is a saying the "D's earn degrees." This is unacceptable and students need to be learning and retaining more information because what they are learning in some cases is not adequate.

The federal government needs to take greater steps to improve education in the U.S. for children and adults, because Americans are being left in the dust and this is a problem that will influence their lives and future generations. Greater efforts need to be made in regard to education in America.

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