In Kiev, Ukraine a mysterious illness has torn the country apart. Authorities say it is swine flu but reports claim it is more virulent than H1N1 and Swine Flu has hit the population exceptionally hard. Some believe that is closely resembles Typhus or the pneumonic plague. As a result, Ukraine has introduced the strictest measures in the world on Friday to try and combat and control swine flu. There have been many deaths in the western part of the country.

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has taken action in order to try and control the outbreak. Travel restrictions are in place along with banned public gatherings; school closings including university level for three weeks, along with cinemas after the Health Ministry declared an epidemic of the H1N1 virus.

The ministry reported that 71 people have died from the flu and respiratory infections. However, it isn’t clear how many deaths were a result of the mysterious illness. Because of the turmoil Ukrainians have begun to panic and the government has tried to keep everyone calm. It didn’t help anything when many Kiev pharmacies shortly ran out of medications and face masks because of the large lines of people.

But it seems that many Ukrainians do not trust the government authorities and are trying to look out for themselves. They don’t believe that they can rely on the state. This seems like a miracle because everyone nowadays at least in America everyone relies too heavily on the government. The spirit of independence and responsibility for ones self is lacking. It’s fortunate that these citizens are responsible for themselves, but who can blame them for not trusting authorities with the type of background and history that they’ve had.

The country’s elections aren’t until January 17 but the outbreak has already become a political game. The president and prime minister have already issued orders to try and fight against the virus with masks and medications. Despite the actions taken, the virus continues to rage and more Ukrainians are dying by the day. The people are blaming government officials for their inaction and will voice their feelings at the election. There are also many Ukrainians currently calling for the health minister to step down.

In order to try and prevent the virus from spreading everyone is wearing masks in Ukraine when they are in public. This even includes police officers on patrol in the streets. Not only are public servants wearing the masks, but also everyday citizens. Ukrainians are also trying to avoid the virus by staying home and avoiding going out and being exposed. But, if they have to go out they make sure they have masks on.

Due to the number of supposed H1N1 cases in Ukraine and the number of deaths, a team from the World Health Organization is set to arrive in Ukraine on Monday to assist authorities. Hopefully this team can pinpoint exactly what it is and a way to treat it.

In order to combat this mysterious illness that officials are only guessing is the swine flu, the strictest measures in the world have been implemented in Ukraine. There have already been 71 deaths and growing fear of how much worse the outbreak and death numbers will rise.

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