If you're a student and struggling to pay the bill for tuition, housing, books, living costs, and other expenses this list might make you feel better. It seems like universities try to squeeze out every last penny they can get from you. Millions of students every year have to pay out the big bucks and many have to go into debt to earn their degree.  However, you're tuition bill probably isn't this bad. These are the top 10 most expensive schools in the United States and look at the hefty price tag they come along with.

1. Sarah Lawrence College – $54,410
2. New York University – $51,991
3. George Washington University – $51,730
4. Bates College – $51,300
5. Skidmore College – $51,196
6. Johns Hopkins University – $51,190
7. Georgetown University – $51,122
8. Connecticut College – $51,115
9. Harvey Mudd College – $51,037
10. Vassar College – $50,875

Calculations relating to prices for the 2009-2010 school year were based solely on tuition and room and board. By judging these figures, students that graduate from these colleges must fit into one of three categories. They are either from a wealthy family, incredibly smart with tons of scholarships, or they are very far in debt. Or I guess there is a fourth option; they found a sugar daddy somewhere.

What's interesting about the schools on this list is that many of them are small and private. Another thing is that half of these schools I have never heard of. So this leads me to the conclusion that they must offer unique degrees, give a lot of scholarships and grants in order for students to attend, or it's a family tradition to attend here. It just seems like a lot of money to spend on a degree when students can get the same degree and a great education somewhere else for half the price.

Hopefully these students after earning their degrees can find a high paying job. Especially, if left with a lot of student debt. I'm sure that these schools offer a great education but there are other great institutions that have a modest to moderate price tag. Although when it boils down to it, an education in today's world is essential, so if you can attend these universities without going really far into debt do it. Otherwise, stick to accredited colleges and universities that don't have such a hefty price tag.


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