Many couples meet at work and then choose to get married. However, one member of the couple will usually quit and start a new job somewhere else so they don't have to be together 24/7. Having time apart and working on different projects is generally the approach most couples take because it's too stressful to live with someone and work with them.

Almost half of marriages end in divorce so why take the risk of working with your spouse? If things go sour it will not only affect your personal life but also your career and  financial state as well. Just look at Frank and Jamie McCourt the estranged couple that ran the Los Angeles Dodgers. The owner is Frank McCourt and his wife ran the team but last month the husband fired his wife. She went to court and tried to sue to get her job back but lost.

This is just one example of the problems a couple may face while sharing a house and the office. Working with one another can be extremely stressful. Additional stress is being added along with the struggles of a normal relationship because you're also involving finances and your career. Another couple that worked together has been divorced and remarried.

They have faced many negative experiences. They have had supervisors that tried to pit them against each other, along with lots of bad rumors spread about them, and accusations of favoritism. They even have arguments about friends at work because one spouse doesn't like some of the friends of the husband or vice versa.

Even though there are lots of challenges, the couple has learned to work together but still struggles with day to day issues at work and home. Another problem is that it's dangerous to have both spouses working for the same company. With this rocky economy a company may face difficulty and be forced to layoff workers. If that happens, one or both of you might be out of a job.

Although a lot of marriages have ended in divorce when spouses worked together, many have thrived. One couple listed the secret to successfully working together as each having responsibility over different things. A power struggle is the last thing you want so one partner shouldn't be in a managerial position over the other.

By having individual projects and responsibilities they can still work together and love each other. Another secret is to leave work at the office. It can be easy to talk about work out of the office but you have to keep the relationship going and the romance alive so forget about work.

The moral of the story is working together can be difficult on your relationship and may put so much strain you may end it. However, many couples successfully work together. You will never know if you can work with your spouse until you try it. But if you have a stable job that you enjoy quit yet. If you go to work together and it fails you may have a difficult time finding another job, so it will affect your finances and your relationship.

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  • I am wondering where you got the statistic and headline, "Spouses Working Together Usually Results in Divorce"?  That really is not what you said in the article. Your summary is that, "many couples successfully work together".  I can't imagine not working with my husband….I am not sure that your article shed any light on the topic.

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