American Fork, UT ( November 17, 2009 – has announed the winners of its recent contest that encouraged participants to write their scariest stories for a chance to win an Amazon Kindle. Patric Krueger of Port St. Lucie, Fl, and Jabon Dix of American Fork, Ut won the prizes with their scary stories. The winning stories have been placed on ClassesandCareers’ College Life blog.

Krueger won an Amazon Kindle with a true story of a poltergeist that haunted a South Carolina farmhouse that he and his roommates lived in for a few weeks. The events started mildly enough. Objects would go missing, sometimes showing up in strange places. Occasionally they’d wake up and find a circle of silverware on the floor. Eventually a presence started physically harming his roommate. He woke up being smothered once and finally woke up with second-degree burns on his arms. They moved out the next day.

"Wow.  This is fantastic. A KINDLE.  Thank you so much," Krueger said. "I’m especially glad that people liked the story."

The runner-up was Jabon Dix of American Fork, UT, who told a tale of getting locked and deserted in an abandoned prison. His story left the reader with a feeling of abandonment that is almost haunting.

Krueger has charitable plans for his prize. "I’m going to surprise my Uncle Jimmy this Christmas with the Kindle, which will be fully-loaded with all his favorite books, and then some. Uncle Jimmy is an older fella, retired, and loves history books, especially the Napoleonic Era and pre-revolutionary France. You could say he’s an amateur historian. He has a love for books that is deep and abiding. I’m certain he will be entranced by the new technology and the delivery system the Kindle promises," Krueger said. has unveiled their third contest with the close of this competition. Their newest contest asks participants to put together their funniest Christmas video. Submissions can include movie spoofs, carol parodies or original concepts. is a leading online portal providing information and resources to prospective students looking to begin or to finish their college education. Currently, represents dozens of colleges and universities, offering over 1,000 accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. is dedicated to bringing schools and students together and helping individuals make education decisions to meet their professional goals.

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