Nearly two-thirds of American workers have the intention of finding new jobs in 2010. This shows that there is growing frustration and discontent among American workers, which is continuing to rise sharply and no one knows how high it will be next year.
The report showed that while 60 percent "intend to leave" another 21 percent said "maybe, so I'm networking." And only 13 percent planned to stay in their current jobs. While the remaining 6 percent said changing jobs "wasn't likely, but I've updated my résumé."

This shows many employees are annoyed and frustrated with how the way they've have been treated through the economic crunch. The problem is that there are few jobs available; so many people are forced to stay in their same jobs that they hate day after day. The reality is that when there’s less money floating around there are also fewer jobs.

This means if you want a new job you need to update your résumé
 to  make yourself as attractive as possible to employers. But even when you do this; you are still going to face a lot of disappointment because there are so many people competing for a limited number of jobs. So you might be looking for an extended amount of time and you still might not even find a job.

However, if you have a job keep in mind that it is easier to find a job if you already have a job. This shows to employers that you're valuable and are able to hold a job. But if you lost your job or were laid off during the economic crunch then keep in mind that it's possible to find a job but you have to work even harder to get one than those who are currently employed.

So if you're looking for a new or a different job remember to be persistent. Make sure that your résumé is updated and it might be worth it to have others read your résumé and get some feedback. There are even firms that can help you write your résumé, because a good résumé is one-third of the battle.

Another great idea is to get more education. Sometimes you get cornered into a dead end job with skills that are company specific. One way to get a new job without taking a pay cut is by improving your education and skills. By earning a degree you improve your skills, knowledge, and will make you even more attractive to potential employers.

Education can help you get out of your current circumstances and on the path to success. It's a difficult market out there and you need to not only be doing what everyone else is, but to do more in order to set yourself apart. An education can not only improve your life, but get you into the career that you want and most likely lead to a higher salary.

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