With a dwindling economy, charities are seeing their donations plummet. Usually during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season donations tend to skyrocket. But over the last few years the declines in giving to food banks, shelters, and humanitarian centers  have become visible.

When people are struggling themselves and have less money the first thing to do is get rid of unnecessary spending. Generally, they start by cutting out the vacations, expensive clothing, eating out and when that isn't enough then they cut donations and other spending in order to make ends meet.

Because of tighter pocketbooks food banks and charities this year are struggling because there are more people needing help and less people donating. Especially, with the holidays coming food banks may not be able to feed some of the needy, many of which are families. The situation is dire and charities are trying to find more ways to get people to contribute.

Charities are now asking Congress to create a tax incentive so that more people will donate. They also want the government to expand federal nutrition programs and spend more on programs to help people prepare for work. Charities believe that with the governments help there will be more donations which means enough food to go around.

At one Seattle food bank they have over 2,500 visitors on busy days which is up from 1,800 just last year. Josh Fogt the manager of Northwest Harvest in Seattle reported that "In our 42-year history, we have never witnessed a demand for our services like we are seeing now." The nonprofit groups are being forced to handle more people with fewer resources.

Even though many of us have a decreased incomes, or even no income we can still find a way to contribute. It doesn't have to be money, it can even be a couple cases of Top Ramen or whatever you can afford. It doesn't have to be much, but every little bit helps. However, if you can't give even a penny, you can go and contribute your time. Volunteer to help out at a nonprofit organization.

It doesn't matter how dire you think your circumstances are, there are always people that are worse off than you. Take the time this Thanksgiving to remember everything that you have and the importance  your loved ones play in your life. Give of yourself and you will feel better, because you helped someone else in need.

But if you are struggling this season there are organizations out there that can help you. And if you have enough food on your table and clothes on your back give thanks by donating. There is a dire need out there and more than 14.6 percent of U.S. households are lacking the food to lead a healthy life.

Hunger affects everyone. Donations are not only used to help the homeless,but seniors, children, along with many of your friends and neighbors. This recession is affecting everyone including the lower and middle classes. Give what you can because fellow Americans are lacking the basic necessities and the government can't do everything.

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