A black college near Philly will no longer require students to take a fitness class before they graduate. University faculty ditched the requirement after several complaints that the so called “fat course” undermined the school principle of equality for all students.

The school had added the policy in order to try and address the high rates of obesity and diabetes in the African American community. About 80 students received emails from administration saying they had to take the fitness course in order to graduate. The intention was to target students with a body mass index higher than 30, which draws the line between obese and overweight individuals.

The "Fitness for Life” course is no longer required but is highly suggested to students after a freshman wellness class addresses a number of health issues. Whether students take the course or not is purely their decision. It may be highly suggested by administrators but it is not likely students that are obese will sign up.

If students were complaining before they even signed up it is not likely they will volunteer to take such a class. It’s unfortunate though because obesity is a growing problem in America and physical exercise is one way to combat it. But if no one is willing to cut back on the calories or exercise then there is a problem.

Granted there is a problem that would make me angry and that’s the fact that only obese individuals were required to take the course. I would hate to be labeled that way. Everyone should be required to take the course. If someone’s skinny or below the 30 BMI it doesn’t mean they’re healthy either. Everyone should be taking the class, but I agree with the administrators especially those with a BMI over 30. However, the approach was wrong.

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