The band Weezer took time to thank their tour bus driver for his ability and skills to significantly reduce the amount of damage to the bus and themselves. The accident could have been much worse. The lead singer Rivers Cuomo and his assistant were injured when their tour bus plunged 10 feet into a muddy ravine 40 miles west of Albany, New York.

The Weezer bus was carrying Rivers, his family and assistants when the bus hit a stretch of black ice. The statement in which Rivers thanked the driver stated that the driver used his skills to try and keep the bus “upright as the vehicle fishtailed over the highway. Kudos to the driver for somehow keeping things as level as they could be.”

The bus was carrying Rivers his wife, child, a nanny, and an assistant when the accident took place. The bus was headed for Boston, Massachusetts but never made it. Kyoko, River’s wife and their two-year old daughter were fine. Rivers was apparently tossed around when he was sleeping in the back. He didn’t recall “hitting anything, but later we learned that he must have, as he cracked three ribs and sustained some mostly minor but very painful internal damage, as well as hurting his lower leg somehow” reported Karl Koch, Weezer’s webmaster.

The bus wasn’t damaged too badly except the front door was inaccessible because it was covered in five feet of mud. But EMT’s had to use the Jaws of Life in order to get Cuomo out of the bus’s rear window.  Like Cuomo, his assistant was also injured and suffered from two fractured ribs and a fractured vertebrae.

Cuomo was in a lot of pain but he does not require surgery. But their December concerts have been cancelled. I’m actually surprised that even though he’s hurt he took the time to thank the bus driver. Even though there was a crash he realized how much worse it could have been and took the time to thank the bus driver.

I’m sure that the bus driver felt horrible and felt responsible for the accident so the fact that Rivers recognized that and thanked him shows what a classy guy Rivers is. Unlike the other 90 percent of musicians Rivers actually seems like he has some common sense plus thoughtfulness to top that off. He seems like a pretty normal guy and it’s refreshing to hear that he was traveling with his wife and daughter instead of getting caught in some messed up affair bombshell, which is why this isn’t a huge headline.

Decent people generally aren’t in the spotlight. They get noticed every once is a while for their talent but until an affair, fight, or any other type of scandal they aren’t in the media much. They are very fortunate. The more media exposure the more messed up they get. Luckily though Rivers Cuomo seems to be a fairly humble musician who’s head is screwed on strait. At least for now.

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