American Fork, UT ( December 15, 2009 – has announced the eight selected finalists to compete in their Christmas Comedy Video Contest playoffs for a new Playstation 3. The eight finalists will be whittled down by votes to one winner, which will be announced officially on December 20.

The playoff features a wide variety of videos, from simple parodies of Jingle Bells to home movies to short films. Currently, the votes are piling in to the blog, and many of the video duels are neck and neck. The finalists have used resources like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to help them beat their opponents.

“This is exciting. User generated content is fun, because it’s unpredictable,” says Chris Kirkham, blog manager at’s College Life blog.

Finalists are given less than two days to gather as many votes as they can for their video. Round one of the playoff will conclude at midnight Dec 16. The Semifinals will then start against the four remaining videos. The two videos with the most votes on midnight Dec. 18 will then have 24 hours to compete for the grand prize. The winner will be announced on Dec 20. is a leading online portal providing information and resources to prospective students looking to begin or to finish their college education. Currently, represents dozens of colleges and universities, offering over 1,000 accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. is dedicated to bringing schools and students together and helping individuals make education decisions to meet their professional goals.


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