Whether you’re interviewing or just want to look nice at work there are some rules. If you’ve ever watched “What Not to Wear” you know that the way a person dresses can keep them from getting the job, or getting the promotion. Get rid of those stretch pants, tight clothing and outdated or hole ridden clothing because it’s time to learn a few tips and make a few changes in order to dress for the office.

Lisa A. Kline recommends to clients like Sarah Palin the former vice-presidential candidate along with television news personalities and top executives to dress in classic looks. By wearing clothing that is clean and classic you will always be in style for both work and after work events.

The first tip that Kline suggests is to clean your closet. Get rid of existing clothing that is stretched out, no longer looks good, is out of style, or whatever other issues it has. It’s better to have a few quality items than a large quantity of clothes. Scrap everything that no longer works or is crappy quality and only keep a few basic things. You should hang onto tops in solid colors or simple prints and cashmere sweaters. Even if it doesn’t work right now you can fix it with tailoring.

Tailors or seamstresses are very important because they can get you a new look without throwing away your clothes and buying new ones. They can make you new pieces with a fresh modern look that fit exceptionally well. You should particularly focus on the length of your pants and sleeves. Sleeves are a dead giveaway that something doesn’t fit. A sleeve should end just above the wrist. And pants that drag the floor or are above your shoe are also a giveaway.

The next thing to remember is that you can dress well without being uncomfortable. If you’re holding onto those old, ugly clothes it’s time to let go. But remember there are great clothes that are comfortable. Although be careful because if you go and purchase clothing that is uncomfortable then you’re going to dread them and eventually stop wearing them. You don’t have to have comfort or looks you can have both in one piece of clothing.

Also remember to keep it simple when you buy or wear accessories. Kline's rule is that “each part of the body should have just one focal point.” So if you have a high ruffled collar don’t wear busy earrings. And don’t wear jewelry that makes noises or clangs in the office. And don’t wear stuff that’s over the top like glasses with rhinestones or earrings with sequins.

Go for the classic look instead of the trashy or busy look. Get rid of the crappy clothes in your closet and start dressing for success. By dressing better you will feel better about yourself and possibly get the raise that your old clothes were keeping you from obtaining. It’s time to look sophisticated in the office.

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