More women are avoiding becoming Computer Scientists because of the geek stereotype. Many girls stay away from this major because they don’t feel like they fit in with fellow classmates. They don’t know much about comic books, video games, or Star Trek lines. Plus there are very few girls that choose this major so about 85 percent of their classmates are guys.

Even the classrooms are filled with geeky but masculine science-fiction stuff. And many of the guys in the major are socially awkward which can make it even more difficult for girls. First of all girls in college want to be noticed and hang around with the cool guys and traditionally these guys haven’t been a part of the Computer Science department.

So many women get turned off because of the typical stereotype and people that gravitate to that major. Despite some drawbacks, there are many plus sides to being a girl that majors in Computer Science. First of all only 22 percent of graduates are women and it’s steadily decreasing which means women will have an advantage against men in hiring because employers want diversity.

Second of all, this is a great opportunity. This field is continually growing and they make a good salary. They play a pivotal role at businesses and there is room for advancement. But despite these benefits, many girls are turned off by the masculine but geeky environment and typically chose to work in a more neutral environment whereas men choose to work in the nerdy environment.

So basically if universities and businesses want more girls to graduate in this major they need to change the stereotype and the feeling in classrooms. Instead of making classrooms and offices seem masculine and slightly geeky they should have images up about more neutral things like landscapes or nature which would make more girls feel comfortable in the classroom and in the workplace. Computer Science is missing women and therefore the “female perspective.” And some things need to change if they want to attract more women into this major and profession.

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