There are some secrets that can help you ace the college interview. Students generally fret and get nervous about the interview but these tips can help you prepare and succeed in your interview. Remember that some colleges require the interview while others don’t. For example, the Big 10 schools don’t require it but Georgetown does. And also remember that at some schools the interview doesn’t hold as much weight as at other schools. But either way you want to do your best.

Before the interview be sure to research the interviewer and know a little bit about their background. This knowledge will empower you to take some control of the interview and it will turn the interview into more of a conversation instead of having all of the focus on you. Also, learn more about the school so you can show that you are genuinely interested in attending the school.

The point of the interview is for the interviewer to see if you fit in with the culture at the school and how you would contribute to their school. They want to see if you will get along with other students and the potential that you have. This experience may be stressful but start thinking about the questions now.

When it comes down to the question of why you want to attend that particular school have your answer ready. Put in the time to research and decide why you are attracted to the school. Be honest and talk about professors you want to study from, classes or programs you are interested in, or even the clubs and internships available at that school. And when the interviewer asks you what you like to do be honest. Tell them your hobbies and what you do outside of class. They not only want to know what kind of student you are but how social you are and just a little more about you.

Now for the tips that can help you ace the interview. Remember to ask the interviewer questions that are not on the schools website. It shows that you’re inquisitive, prepared, plus it also allows you a minute to recollect your thoughts. Another tip is to be up to date on current events, because if there isn’t much to talk about you have something to rely on.

Also ask the interviewer questions because it will help you create a relationship with the interviewer and stand out from the others. Also remember to rehearse beforehand with a neighbor or friend. That way you can practice your answers and it will help the actual interview go smoother. And schedule your interviews from the school you’re least interested in first because this will allow you to practice your interview skills before going to the interview at your number one school.

The college interview can be extremely stressful but hopefully these tips can help you get into the school of your choice. Interviews hold different weight at different colleges so it’s important to do well on them if they are required. And remember to create a relationship with your interviewer and answer the questions honestly because they’re really looking to see if you fit in with their school.

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