New York's Governor David Paterson has proposed legislation that would eliminate the charter-school cap and allow swifter takeovers of failing schools.  Plus, these along with other measures would boost New York’s chances of getting around $700 million in federal funds for education. These actions are being taken in order to try and beat the deadline for applications into the competitive Race to the Top grants.

The grants of $4.35 billion will be available to states that qualify if they move in line with President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s ideas. Paterson has consulted with a number of experts and administration officials and feels this legislation would increase their chances in the Race to the Top grants.

During this recession not only are individuals struggling but also the government and that includes funding education. Because of the poor economy in the state of New York payments were delayed to school districts because they didn’t have enough money at the time.

So New York is hoping that by changing a few laws they will be able to qualify for the largest Race to the Top grants which would equal up to $700 million and it would go directly to school districts and the state.

The qualifications and money from the grants will go to states that have committed to adopt rigorous education standards along with recruiting and retaining skilled teachers. And they must also agree to turn around low-performing schools.

States are suffering to come up with enough money and that is affecting schools and ultimately students. There are many changes that need to be made and hopefully those changes will improve the educations that American students are receiving.

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