Since 2000 the country's debt has more than doubled. And the country's legal debt limit needs to be raised again. The Senate has the responsibility to determine exactly how high that debt limit will be and the proposed increase is likely to range between $1 and $1.8 trillion.

And the hopes are that after the Senate raises the level they won't have to revisit the issue before next year or the November mid-term election. Because heaven forbid the government actually has to work and spend a few minutes discussing and fighting over how high the budget should be before 10 months.

All that can be said is if the government were run like a business they would have gone bankrupt a long time ago. How many companies can go without discussing their budget for 11 months? And somehow the government keeps coming up with more money which it doesn't have and getting more money from China. The government is sending America down a path that people do not want to be on.

The primary purpose of a government is to protect its citizens and ours has gone so far past that. And instead of focusing on that primary responsibility they have entangled themselves in our lives and have created even more problems than we had before.

Republicans and Democrats are both to blame and it is likely that things will only get worse despite what the government keeps saying about things getting better. The facts support the opposite argument. Things are not improving and the government is just becoming more powerful.

The debt limit is and has been out of control for years. In 2000 everyone talked about how high the debt was and it was only $5.5 trillion and now it's over $12 trillion. The government needs to stop spending money.

The stimulus and government spending isn't working, it's out of control and it's going to be the American people that pull the country out of this mess. Rather than the government. The government needs to take a step back, reign in their spending and thirst for power because the government is not doing what the American people want and that will become evident at the next election.

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