Planned layoffs at tech companies rose in 2009 and hit the highest level in four years. Tech sector employers announced that over 174,000 jobs were cut in 2009 alone. And this is a 12.3% increase which is the highest since 2008, and the highest total since 2005.

Unfortunately as the economy has dwindled so have the tech jobs. “The recessions impact on the tech sector was inescapable” said John the chief executive of Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. “Even with the economy slowing some nascent signs of recovery…many companies are holding off on investments in new technology.”

And the reason that this profession has suffered so much is because one of the first things to go are the tech jobs. When the economy is suffering people stop purchasing those services or products and as a result the demand goes way down and so does employment. And companies are hesitant about hiring someone right now because  they’ want to make sure they have enough work to sustain them.

Electronic companies fared the worst with 63,500 job cuts announced and computer employers were not far behind with 65,261 layoffs and telecom had 44,068 planned cuts. So a total of 175,000 tech cuts comprised 13.2% of the 1.3 million jobs in 2009 that were lost in all industries. And Fortune 500 companies announced 65,000 jobs cuts on Jan. 30 from Texas Instruments, Sprint Nextel, and Microsoft.

But there should be some job growth in the health sector with electronic health records and other sectors but there will be some challenges so individuals should use this time to return to school. If individuals are interested in earning a degree in information technology: now is the time.

Eventually tech jobs will come back but there will be a lot of competition so individuals should earn a degree and set themselves apart from the rest. Besides, degrees have been linked to greater job security, benefits, and higher salaries than those without one.

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