If you're looking for a job then there are several options you should consider. The job market is extremely difficult as more and more companies are laying off workers and few are hiring. Many unemployed individuals are wondering how to provide for themselves and their families but here are some tips that may help you land a job.

1. Networking
In this market it's very important to ask your friends, family, and acquaintances if they know of any openings. Since there are few jobs and so many applicants these people can really help you. Because they know you and your skills, they can probably put in a good word for you. But don't be annoying or pester them because that can backfire and you may not get a job or ever see them again.

2. Employment Listings
Check the employment listing in your local newspaper and websites like craigslist and ladders. Although you may not know anyone at the company you want to make sure to get an interview and let them know that you are interested in the job. And don't do it on an occasional basis you have to stay on top of it and go onto it every day at least. Because they might only accept a certain number of applications and you want yours to be among the first.

3. Check Company Sites

Many companies won't use job search sites to post their openings so you should be looking at the sites of companies you're interested in working for. And make sure that you write a cover letter with these and cater your resume to that specific job. Don't just hand out a generic resumes or they may not know how qualified you are for the job.

4. Door to Door

Nothing shows dedication than walking in and asking companies if they are hiring. If you call on the phone many companies will say that they're not hiring because calling around makes you look lazy. Whereas if you walk in and ask you can at least meet the receptionist and you can carry on a conversation to show that you have people skills and the receptionist can pass on her thoughts to the recruiters.

5. Writing Letters
Another tactic is to decide what you want to be doing and then send out a letter that tells about yourself and your skills to companies in that field. This may cause interest in you and set you apart from others. Plus even if there isn't any opening right away they may hold onto it and call you in for an interview when they do decide to start hiring. Advertise yourself and show them why you would be a great employee to have onboard.

The job search can be extremely frustrating and difficult but these 5 tips may help you find a job. Even in this tough economy it is possible to find a job but you have to put in the time and effort. Hopefully,after a short search you will be able to find a job but remember that the application process is something you have to be constantly engaged in. You can't just do it for a short time, get frustrated and quit it's a daily process that you have to struggle against in order to get one.

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