Background checks are really important for companies to do especially if they work for the government or in the health care industry. But it's also important in a number of other fields. These checks allow companies to look at the history of potential employees. And for many it can be a deciding factor of who they want to hire.

Many individuals while interviewing may appear to be something that they are not. On the other hand others may openly acknowledge that they had  problems in the past and then let the company assess whether they think that person would be an acceptable employee. But at any rate background checks give employers more information about individuals interviewing with them.

If someone has been convicted of stealing, with drugs or other offenses then a background check will let individuals know the problems and the areas where it's occurred. So an office may hire someone that was arrested for shoplifting at a young age but retail stores might not. A conviction doesn't mean an automatic elimination although it can. Sometimes they place them in different departments so they don't have access to something they previously had problems with.

But then again these checks often times don't mean a thing. Sometimes companies use them as a deciding factor and they eliminate a lot of individuals that may have done something wrong when they were young and stupid but they're still paying for it. And one conviction labels these individuals for life. And they may not get the job even though they may be the best thing for the company.

But then again some people may have a squeaky clean background but may wreak havoc on your business. Maybe they are really good at hiding their problem. One example of this was a drug addict surgery technician. She would steal and inject herself with painkillers and refill the used syringes with saline. Well the girl had Hepatitis C, which means she exposed thousands of patients and infected 36 patients with the disease through the used syringes.

So these patients now have Hepatitis C which is an incurable liver disease. It is a blood-borne disease that can cause serious liver problems like cirrhosis and liver cancer. And the symptoms may include fatigue, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, and jaundice. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Hepatitis C but there are medications which can suppress the virus for a long period of time.

As this particular case shows, background checks do not eliminate a lot of problems. There are people that have a clean background that get hired and then they cause a lot of problems. Then there are those that may have done a few things in the past but they've changed their life around and they don't get hired because of their conviction. Background checks are good because employers can learn more about those interviewing for a position at their company.

Essentially, when it comes down to it a background check can help employers understand what a person may have done in the past but when hiring new employee's recruiters and H.R. managers have to understand that sometimes they just have to go with their gut. A background check can't tell everything, so they have to weigh the positives and negatives in order to make the best decision.

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