Fortune has just revealed the 100 best companies to work for. These companies are both profitable and provide employees with some of the best benefits and they provide high quality products and services. These seven best companies are the leaders in their industries and are companies that should be seriously considered for the next job search.

1. SAS

SAS is the worlds largest privately owned software company. It is highly profitable and turnover is only about 2%. The company has had the same SEO for 35 years and the culture is based on "trust between the employees and the company." They make their employees happy by offering child care, 90% coverage of the health insurance premium, unlimited sick days, a fitness center, a medical center, and a summer camp for children.

2. Edward Jones  

The investment adviser firm weathered the recession without closing any offices or laying off any employees. The company took preventive measures like freezing salaries but has continued to make a profit.

3. Wegmans Food Markets

Wegmans has been in business 94-years and has never laid off an employee. They are ranked one of the best grocery stores in America and in 2005 was the No. 1 on 100 Best Companies to Work For. And greater than 11% of employees have been there over 15 years.

4. Google

The monster search engine has grown at an amazing pace and they are continuing to hire. They want to hire thousands more in 2010. Even though some perks have been cut engineers still have the opportunity to choose their own projects 20% of the time. Not to mention the other great benefits they receive.

5. Nugget Market

Executives are in touch with their employees at Nugget Market. They understand that the economy is tough so they gave 10% discounts on $500 of groceries a month. Plus, executives showed their appreciation to employees by washing their cars. It is a superior company where executives and associates understand and appreciate each other.

6. DreamWorks Animation SKG

Animation has a culture made up of collaboration and openness and that's what DreamWorks offers. They have increased production from two movies per year to five in two-years. And they hope to do even more in the future.

7. NetApp

Even though the past few year was tough for this company, executives have been trying to help employees. They introduced an employee stock-option exchange and made updated adjustments to incentive compensation. But the company did restructure which led to a cut in 5% of the global workforce but severance packages were generous.

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