At colleges there are many more applications from women than men, yet the number of both sexes accepted is about the same. At the College of William and Mary 7,652 women and 4,457 men applied for this year’s freshman class. But the college accepted 45% men and 27% women.  Same at Pomona College 21% of men were accepted and only 13% of women were.

A 2007 analysis showed that the admissions rate for women averaged 13 percentage points lower than for men. There are arguments that the men were stronger candidates or they applied for programs like engineering and science where women’s numbers were lower. However, that doesn’t make up and explain those numbers.

But some schools like the University of California admissions depends purely on statistical measures of academic achievement and the disparities don’t occur there. Generally a lot more women than men apply to college but at UCLA the university accepted almost the same percentage but accepted more women which ultimately makes the freshman class have more than 800 women than men.

In the past, schools have admitted to giving more preference to men in order to maintain the gender balance on campuses. Most students of both sexes prefer it that way, but is it fair? If schools accepted equal percentages of each sex then that would mean women outnumber men by more than 2 to 1.  While this may make the college experience more enjoyable for those accepted what about those that weren’t?

Is it fair to be sending the message that women have to work twice as hard as men in order to be accepted into college? It’s just like the past. It used to be that women had to work twice if not three times as hard to make it into college and that really hasn’t changed, except that the numbers of women in college has skyrocketed.  Just look at UCLA they admitted more women than men and it hasn’t ruined anything.

Despite what everyone wants to think, there is gender discrimination in the applications process. There has to be a more gender-neutral way to balance student acceptance at colleges. In colleges nationwide 57% are women; which brings up the question why so few men are applying and graduating from college. Experts don’t know the reason behind the gender gap or a solution but they recognize that something in education needs to change.

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  • What are the percentages of women using their college education versus men using theirs post acceptance?

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