unemploymentWith millions of job losses this year alone, unemployment rates are at their highest in decades. Many jobless workers encounter confusion, stress, and discouragement as they encounter the challenges of joblessness.

Fortunately, jobless workers have several options to cope with their situation. Here 3 must-know tips for surviving unemployment, courtesy of ClassesandCareers.com, a free career information service:

  1. Government Assistance – One of the most stressful aspects of being unemployed is being uninsured. Bear in mind that you may be able to apply for unemployment benefits. Credentials vary from state to state, but most people who are laid off from their jobs qualify. Visit your state's Department of Labor Web site for more information about whether or not you qualify. If you're unable to collect unemployment benefits from the government, individual, short-term and COBRA coverage are all possible options.
  2. Live frugally – Unless you have a lot of money in your savings, it's critical to be very thrifty. Review your budget and make sure that your unemployment doesn't force you into debt. Make a list of all of your wants and needs, then, make sure you are only buying absolute necessities. Save your "wants" for a time when you are financially secure.
  3. Get as much training as possible – If you want to be more competitive in the job market, furthering your education is worth considerable thought. ClassesandCareers.com is a great resource that connects you with an education counselor to go over refine your career and education goals. An online education is a great idea if you want the flexibility for when you do find a job. Continuing your education will make you more valuable to employers and give you greater job security in the future.

If you are considering furthering your education, visit ClassesandCareers.com and fill out their form. An education counselor will contact you to answer your questions about schools, degree programs, and financial aid.

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