MilitaryWomanU.S. soldiers and their families are still reeling from President Barack Obama’s newest announcement to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Many soon-to-be-deployed soldiers, however, are already planning to use their downtime overseas to earn college degrees online. In fact, online universities are showing record increases in military enrollments following the White House’s announcement.

“Soldiers can’t put their lives on hold every time they deploy,” says Marcus Varner, education analyst at, a free college information service. “They miss their loved ones, but at least they can use online classes to get ahead in my education. Literally, they can make thousands of dollars more per year just by getting some college done.”

Online university help sites, like, are reporting that military enrollments have increased sharply. More troops are taking online classes with schools like University of Phoenix, Kaplan University, and American Intercontinental University from military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“So many troops are signing up because they can earn more with more college credits,” says Varner. “They also qualify for more promotions. Of course, when they come home, they find many more career opportunities and higher salaries.”

Fortunately, soldiers have a variety of different online schools and degree programs to choose from. has helped hundreds of servicemen and servicewomen find the right online degree programs and learn about financial aid options.

Says Varner, “We are proud to offer this service to the members of the U.S. armed forces, who give of their time and safety to protect our nation. We look forward to helping thousands more achieve brighter futures.”

If you are currently deployed or will be deployed in the next few months, visit, fill out their form, and tell them about your career goals. An education adviser will contact you and answer your questions about online courses, financial aid, and educational benefits for members of the Armed Forces.

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