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Get the Right Computer
You can’t expect to get along at any university, online or on campus, without a computer. It’s important to determine what you need in terms of power, format and brand.

When you go to a college campus, or for the people who like to take their studies on the road, a Netbook is an ultra-portable and ultra-affordable personal computer that is perfect for a college student.


However, if you are in a program that requires more processing power, like graphic design or engineering, consider getting a laptop. Laptops are more powerful than netbooks and have the processing power and memory that is necessary for complex computing.

-Personal Desktop Computer
If you are going to classes online and principally work from home, it’s nto a bad idea to get a desktop computer. They traditionally run cheaper than laptops and are great.
-Mac or PC?
Should you get a Mac or a PC? With the availability of software for both, it’s almost a matter of personal preference. Macs are definitely a better fit for anyone in a creative industry like graphic design, filmmaking and publication, but PC’s are far more affordable and are fine for the average student. If you’d like to save more money, you might consider getting a PC running Linux.
Smartphones are abundant now, and it’s no surprise that many students (both traditional and online) are getting these devices to help them plan their schedules, balance their work and socialize.

There are so many other considerations to make when you are getting a degree. Finding a good study environment is important, whether that’s a desk at your university library, a spot in the park or a quiet place at your house. Finding a good place to clear your thoughts and get your work done.

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