The process of getting financial aid can be overwhelming. There is paperwork to assemble, forms to complete, and big choices to make. It’s enough to make some prospective students postpone their school plans.

But the process does not have to be hard. If you are interested in getting aid to fund your schooling, here are 4 steps to get you there:

1. Register at an accredited college or university – In order to get federal financial aid, you must be enrolled at an accredited school. Whether online or on-campus, make certain your college or university is accredited. To get hooked up with accredited schools, click here.

2. Complete the FAFSA (Federal Application  for Federal Student Aid) – Begin by getting your financial information together. This includes tax forms, W2s, bank statements, drivers license numbers, and a social security card. Dependent students, which include students less than 24-years-old, that are not married, with no dependents, need to gather not only their information but also their parents’. Once your FAFSA is processed, you will be informed of how much you qualify for.

3. Talk to a Financial Aid counselor – Most schools will require that you meet with a counselor to determine how much you will use and to answer any questions you may have. This is a great opportunity to get some expert advice.

4. Decide how much you will use – You don’t have to use the entire qualified amount. Especially if you are using student loans that you will have to pay back, you will want to take only what you need. Students are strongly encouraged not to use student loans to pay off other loans, as it only compounds the interest.
Once processing is complete, your financial aid will be deposited in your student account. You will receive a check for howev er much remains after tuition and other fees to use for whatever expenses you please.

Are you ready to enroll in school and get financial aid to pay for it? Visit and complete our form. An enrollment counselor will contact you to begin the sign-up process.

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