Good paying careers that don't require an education can be difficult to find. But there are a number of jobs that don't require a degree and will allow you to transition smoothly into the professional world.  But just remember that even though these jobs don't require an education they still require experience and relevant knowledge. These 8 jobs can offer a great paycheck without the education requirement.

1. Assistant Site Manager
Although the construction industry isn't exactly booming right now, the economy will recover and demand will rise. But as is they generally earn around $86,594 a year. So this can be a great job. They work on construction sites and they assist site managers. Assistant site managers report to head site managers and plan and coordinate the daily tasks.

2. Cable Supervisor
As a cable supervisor the annual average salary is $71,826. The main part of their job encompasses supervising those individuals installing, maintaining, and repairing cables.

3. Aides Supervisor
Because of the number of seniors and those suffering from lifelong illnesses home health is a booming industry. So as an aide’s supervisor you're responsible for monitoring the care that individuals are receiving as well as setting schedules. Plus they earn $60,652 on average.

4. Payroll Supervisor
As a payroll supervisor main duties include ensuring that all the calculations are right and they are following company policy as well as government regulations and tax codes. And the average annual salary is around $63,326 so it's a pretty decent job to have.

5. Flight Service Manager

In order to function, airlines need flight service managers. They earn around $67,766 for making sure that flight attendants follow personal appearance and preflight requirements. But they also have to make a lot of reports.

6. Data Control Supervisor

Managing data entry workers is an important responsibility because they have to ensure that they not only complete it but that they do it right. And they may even get roped into helping complete some assignments periodically but the average annual salary is $61,118.

7. Electrical Repairman
Electrical repairers get the responsibility to fix problematic electrical equipment and components ranging from small to large systems. But each job comes with different requirements and specifics. Average annual salaries are about $58,741.

8. Talent Director
As a talent director the average annual income is around $52,000. They help locate talented individuals to fulfill a number of different roles. They are responsible for finding talented individuals, negotiating contracts, and much more. Plus this degree doesn't require any schooling, just a great eye.

While education can help you get a great paying job, it isn't for everyone. So these are careers that don't require any education but they most likely will require some knowledge and experience in that field. But they are great careers and they have decent salaries.

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