When the economy goes sour, many unemployed U.S. workers are willing to settle for lemons. But some unemployed are learning to make lemonade, figuratively. These workers are using their job losses to springboard into a new career. If this describes you, we have a list of 5 steps, compiled by Elearning Network News, you can follow to use the recession to your advantage (If you are not interested in finding a better career, we recommend you stop reading now):

  1. Evaluate yourself – Unemployment is the perfect time to take stock of your strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. Put money aside for a minute and determine what kind of work you enjoy doing and what you wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of your life.
  2. Research, research, research – Use the internet, library, magazines, newspapers, relatives, friends, and acquaintances to learn about industries and jobs you are interested in. Find out where those jobs are, how much they pay, and what they do every day.
  3. Decide which job you want – Based on your self-evaluation and your research, target the job you want. Pick a specific position in a specific industry.
  4. Become the job – This is the tough part. Knowing what education, experience, and qualities are preferred for your target job, plan out how you will gain those vital qualifications. Do you need to go back and get a degree? Do you need to apprentice? Maybe you need to work on your vocabulary or the way you dress.
  5. Start moving forward – Your target job may be months or years away, but it’s crucial that you start moving toward your goal today. If needed, enroll in classes. Check out books at the library. Apply for jobs where you can gain experience today, even if they pay less.

The job that you’ve always wanted can be a possibility. A recession can be the perfect time to make these weighty decisions. Are you looking for a degree or certificate program to move toward your target job? Visit our free information service and complete the form. You will be matched with the best program for your goals.

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