If you surf the net at work while the boss isn't looking and go home after work to spend the night with your laptop then there are five jobs that might be a better fit for you. If you are under appreciated and don't enjoy your job then maybe it's time to try one of these.

1. Branding Consultant
Companies and organizations are looking for individuals that can help them come up with a brand or rather an identity that makes them recognizable. They want something that makes them stand apart from everyone else and that people respond to positively. And much of that is done online through campaigns.

2. Public Relations Director
PR encompasses a lot of different aspects and the responsibilities depend on the organization that you're working with. However, what you're doing is creating and monitoring the type of media attention the company is getting whether it's good or bad. PR directors are responsible for interviews, ads, and anything else that the company does or puts out.

3. Recruiter
As a recruiter you're primary responsibility is to find qualified individuals for different positions. By looking through scores of social sites, recruiters potentially have access to thousands of candidates and they have to determine which ones are most qualified.

4. Social Media Consultant
Social media is still not the primary focus of businesses but it is becoming increasingly popular and necessary. And being a social media consultant can be a very busy job because they have to come up with new ways to engage customers online. They need fresh content and a presence for the company on social media sites.

5. User Operations Analyst
Companies want to know how online users behave. They want to be able to see what they clicked on, how long they stayed on the page, and how they navigated the site. The analyst's job is to answer the company as well as users questions and to make the site more user friendly.

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