This year the Mid-Atlantic states have gotten pounded by the weather. The snow in Washington D.C. alone is already over 55 inches deep and they will most likely get more. Yet they usually have better weather than many other places. For example, Salt Lake City hasn't had very much snow this year and January temperatures felt like March.

But there are other cities throughout the U.S. that get more snowfall, rain, and have the coldest annual temperatures measured out of 50 cities. Weather is so different from one year to the next even in Arizona. Just this year they had record snowfall and rain, and in Florida there was an unusually cold and wet January. So much for global warming this year.

And the snow is even sticking on the ground and it just seems to keep coming. Washington D.C. is shut down because of the snow. The shelves were empty in grocery stores before the storm and snow shovels were unavailable. People over there just don't know how to handle the snow.

Whereas other cities that do experience colder temperatures and lots of precipitation know how to handle the snow and a snowstorm doesn't stop them. They still go out and go to the store. They go to work even though snow may be really deep. In the five worst cities they bundle up put on snow tires and continue with their daily life.

The title of worst weather city in the U.S. goes to…Cleveland, Ohio. Their average annual temperature is only 49.6 Fahrenheit and they average 38.7 inches of precipitation a year and 58.9 inches of snowfall. As for the second worst city that silver award goes to Boston, Massachusetts. Their average annual temperature is 51.6 and they get about 42.5 inches of precipitation and 43.2 inches of snow.

As for the three remaining cities the third worst is New York City. Their average annual temperature is 54.6 Fahrenheit with average precipitation equaling 49.7 inches and average snowfall equaling 28.9 inches. The next city is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They get 47.5 inches of snow, and almost 25 in precipitation. Plus their yearly average temperature is 47.5 Fahrenheit.

And the last city to make the top five worst cities is Chicago, Illinois. Their temperature is 49.1 and precipitation is 36.2 inches with an average snowfall of 38.2 inches. This city unlike Cleveland and New York City gets about the same amount of precipitation as snow. So this city knows how to deal with weather.

These cities are all chilly and their residents know how to deal with a lot of snow, rain, and extreme temperatures. They live with the four seasons and they are always prepared for the worst. No one can call these people sissies when it comes to the weather because those winters can be bitterly cold.

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  • Usually I just skim through these blogs and only read ones that -jump- out at me and yours did. Thanks for it – it is actually a real good read! Do you have a subcribe area so I can link to it to read again another day? Let me know – thanks.

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