Last week, an article was published about our company’s advertising practices. It took issue with two elements featured in a marketing campaign’s landing page: an image of President Obama and a statistical figure referencing a federal tax credit program.

We appreciated the journalist contacting us about both matters. Through this interaction we discovered the image had not been properly authorized. It was removed the day prior to the article’s publication. The statistical figure had merit but, in seeing it through the journalist’s eyes, we realized the message could be misconstrued. This, too, was rectified immediately. Readers who might have been prompted to visit our website as a result of the article, were greeted with an attractive and factually correct marketing message; a message typical of

There is no question that marketing campaigns that reference financial aid and stimulus-based programs can be powerful motivators in helping our users improve their lives through higher education. At, we strive to create the perfect balance with campaigns that are compelling to the student marketplace, yet present straightforward, honest messages about pursuing and financing online education opportunities.

The silver lining in this event is it has provided an important learning opportunity for the creative team and has prompted our company to tighten its editorial approval process and incorporate new checks and balances.

Most importantly, since the founding of in 2007, we have diligently pursued best practices in providing our clients with high-quality and productive lead generation services. Our focus is, and has always been, to connect the best student prospects with the leading, online universities we proudly serve.’s long-standing client relationships and steady growth attest to our company’s integrity, honesty and results-driven services.

We welcome your questions and comments on this matter. Please contact Marcus Varner (email), Editor for One on One Marketing, parent company to

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