UnemployedMan Kodiak, Alaska — Modern students are abandoning traditional universities for online schools with greater frequency than ever before, according to a report from Ambient Insight, a market research firm.

Students like Jennifer Tenney are demonstrating the new approach to higher education. Tenney earned her Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Western Governors University while living in Kodiak, Alaska, an island located 410 miles from Anchorage and only accessible from boat or plane.

“Online education is the best option if you have a busy schedule that has to be worked around. It’s not always easy to get the classes you need at a traditional school, so distance learning is a great alternative,” said Tenney.

Distance learning has improved due to a growing demand from adults across the country who, like Tenney, need a flexible education option to fit their individual life and demands. Universities that provide online degree programs, like WGU, have been developed to meet this demand with a competitive, respected, rigorous education that doesn’t require students to sacrifice quality for convenience and flexibility.

Tenney is an example of how success can be accomplished with online education despite being isolated from distance. During her time as a student with WGU, Tenney encountered everything from extreme weather conditions to Kodiak bears—and still was able to get a degree personalized to her personal goals.

Distance learning is projected to grow in popularity in the future. Ambient Insight forecasts a tripling of online students before the year 2014.

To learn more about Western Governor’s University, visit www.wgu.edu

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