Woman-Study-Cafeteria WASHINGTON, D.C. — The nation is experiencing the largest teacher shortage in its history, according to reports from the United States Department of Education. School districts across America are having difficulty filling classrooms with highly qualified teachers, particularly in high-need subject areas like math and science.

Because of this shortage, school districts, especially those in rural and urban areas, are often forced to lower their hiring standards or place teachers in areas outside their expertise. As finding the right teachers for the right positions becomes more challenging, so does inspiring new generations of students to the development and progress that we need to lead our country into the future. Many institutions, like Western Governors University, are doing something about it.

WGU is addressing the growing need for highly qualified teachers through online licensure programs. With their unique model, they are able to offer programs that not only fit with people’s busy lives but also provide a competitive education that allows students to be licensed in nearly any state. WGU also continues to be the only online university that is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

WGU is offering scholarships valued up to a maximum of $3,000 and directed to individuals currently teaching or desiring to teach math or science in one of America’s urban school districts. In addition to these scholarships, many states have programs in place that will reduce a student’s loan amount for each year they teach in a high-need area. Many experts conclude that these scholarships, in addition to the availability of online teacher licensure programs, could help alleviate the teacher shortage soon.

To learn more about Teaching Certification at Western Governor’s University, visit www.wgu.edu

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