Because of the deficits in funding for education the government is facing, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan warns that many teachers and administrators will be receiving pink slips in coming months and weeks. States are recognizing that the budgets are never going to reach their needs so they have to make cuts somewhere and the easiest way is by cutting special programs, combining classes, and cutting faculty.

These pink slips are usually included in paychecks and alert employees that they are being fired. Out of all 50 states everyone except for Vermont is going to make some cuts in order to try and balance their budget. Weak economies and lower tax revenues have created a budget that is exceedingly short and the federal government doesn’t have any money to give in order to decrease deficits.

Last year the government passed the stimulus package. It helped prevent the layoff of thousands of teachers and faculty members but now schools and districts are facing the same problem: inadequate funds. However, the government is still trying to promote “Race to the Top” grants which equal $1.5 billion in education funding. And the White House also announced that there will be $350 million in new competitive grants available to states who raise education standards for students preparing for college.

The unemployment rate is currently at 9.7 percent and thousands of educators will be receiving pink slips which makes the outlook even more grim. Education is something that improves a country’s potential prosperity because they’re educating children and if education takes a hit so will future generations of Americans.

In the past education has generally been a safe industry for workers to be in. However, when the economy gets rocky and the budgets are tighter education is usually one of the first things cut. So less and less money is being spent on students and a quality education.

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