For many Americans there is a long list of why they quit their job or why they want to. It might be their colleagues, their bosses, the culture in the office or a number of other things. It might even be simple things that add up to drive employees insane. Whatever it is you’re not alone. There are lots of office annoyances that make people dread going to work.

According to Opium a research company that surveyed 1,836 people the most hated office jargon was "thinking outside the box" and "Let's touch base." The problem is that management tries to motivate their employees but they always use the same sayings in order to try and boost morale and make their people more creative. Well the fact is that they aren't a very good example of creativity.

The survey found that management tends to use the same irritating sayings and it drives workers nuts. So if managers want to preach creativity, diligence, organization, and hard work then maybe they should come up with some new sayings.

The top ten list of annoying jargon includes:

1. Think Outside the Box

2. Let's Touch Base

3. Blue Sky Thinking

4. Blamestorming

5. Drill Down to a More Granular Level

6. Lets Not Throw Pies in the Dark

7. I've Got That on My Radar

8. Push the Envelope

9. Bring Your A-Game

10. Get All Your Ducks in a Row

But the survey also found that annoying buzz words are not the only thing that bugs employees. And apparently nearly two-thirds of them had increased stress levels because of office irritations and nearly one in 10 had left a job because of them. So 10 percent have left a job for that reason. Although it seems kind of drastic to leave a job because of that, it really isn't. If you have a job and hate it then it seems like a good idea to find another one. So honestly, I'm surprised that it isn't higher than that. I guessed that it would be around 25% but apparently I was wrong.

As for the overall top ten annoyances they were:

1. Grumpy or Moody Colleagues

2. Slow Computers

3. Small Talk/Gossip in the Office

4. The Use of Office Jargon or Management-Speak

5. People Speaking Loudly on the Phone

6. Too Much Health and Safety in the Work Place

7. Poor Toilet Etiquette

8. People Not Turning Up for a Meeting on Time or at All

9. People Not Tidying Up After Themselves in the Kitchen

10. Too Cold/Cold Air Conditioning

While some of these may be extremely annoying just remember that the job market isn't flourishing right now. So you need to keep your job and your income. Also, try to think of all the good things about the office like your friends, clients, and responsibilities that you would miss if you left the office. Although certain aspects of the job may drive you nuts remember that it isn't really that bad and try to forget these annoyances and think positively.

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