Throughout America’s history there have been thousands of criminals. In 2008, there were 2.3 million individuals behind bars. And approximately one in every 19 men in the United States is in prison or jail. At the beginning of America’s history England sent their criminals to America and America has always been a defiant country with rebellious citizens when they didn’t like the rules of the game. So that mentality has been passed from generation to generation. So not surprisingly America has had many criminals including the following seven so it’s a good thing there’s strong law enforcement.

When this country was founded there wasn’t much law enforcement but as the country grew the need for officers and other law enforcement officials grew.  There have been some intelligent and ruthless criminals but fortunately there have been thousands of officers that have made sacrifices and endangered themselves in order to capture these criminals and keep the public safe. With a lot of time and effort officers were able to stop or hinder the crimes that were being committed by these seven individuals.

1. Jesse James – Gang leader, bank and train robber, as well as murderer was never captured by law enforcement but was killed by a member in his own gang.

2. Al Capone – The infamous gangster was arrested and charged for smuggling and bootlegging liquor during the Prohibition era but was convicted on income-tax evasion and served in Alcatraz.

3. Bonny and Clyde – During the Great Depression these outlaws robbed  a dozen banks and were responsible for killing at least nine police officers and several civilians, but were later killed by police.

4.Ted Bundy – The serial killer was responsible for over 30 murders  but the actual number is unknown. He was executed for his last murder in Florida in 1989.

5. Frank Abagnale Jr., – Frank forged checks that equaled more than $2.5 million across 26 countries in the 1960s as well as impersonated a pilot, prison inspector, doctor, lawyer, and four other identities. But he now works as an American security consultant for the FBI and runs his own business.

6. Timothy McVeigh – The former army veteran was convicted and executed for his role in the Oklahoma City bombing where 168 people were killed.

7. Colton Harris Moore -  The 18-year-old has been able to escape from authorities several times. He is suspected of stealing four aircraft, a boat and a car as well as home burglaries in the Pacific Northwest.

These criminals were and one still remains a challenge to law enforcement officials and there will be more like them in the future. Criminal Justice is a profession that is expected to grow in the coming years and it has great job security. Now is the time to start working on your degree in putting criminals behind bars and protecting American citizens.

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