Since there are thousands of careers out there it can be difficult to know which one will be the best fit. Well an interesting thing to think about is whether you want a career where expectations are low or high. In some careers being correct and spot on in everything is critical but in others the expectations are significantly lower. Here are eight examples of careers that come with low verses high expectations.

1. Pollsters – Even though there’s a science that goes behind polls, the public has few expectations. In relation to polls, they can easily be distorted and skewed so people put little stock in them. Plus they can quickly become outdated, which is a good way to avoid repercussions if your poll was wrong.

2. Politicians – Politicians usually make a bunch of promises and plans but few things actually end up changing and the people come to understand that. For example with President Obama, there were a lot of expectations about the changes he would make. He’s now in his second year and nothing has changed.

3. Meteorologists – It’s nice to have an idea about what the weather will be, but if the weather person is off no on gets upset because weather is unpredictable. Unless it’s your wedding day then that’s just ironic and hopefully you have a backup venue.

4. Statisticians – Because statistics can be misused or manipulated, few people actually believe all the statistics that they hear. So if the statistic ends up being wrong it doesn’t really matter because that’s what everyone expected.

5. Accountant – This is one profession where individuals expect the professional to be spot on. If an individual or company ends up being short on cash or owing more in taxes to the government, the accountant is most likely going to get a mouthful.

6. Automobile Producers – Because of the role vehicles play in our life we expect companies to make safe and well built vehicles and if something isn’t done properly you may not live to see the result. As Toyota has witnessed lately a simple oversight or malfunction can be deadly.

7. Pilot – A pilot is one profession where being spot on is a requirement. If the pilot misses the runway or gets confused about where he is the consequences can be deadly. And not only may all the passengers and the crew perish but Being a pilot is one job where you need to be knowledgeable and completely alert because if something goes wrong it’s not only the crew and passengers that suffer but also their family and friends.

8. Doctor – Surgery and medical procedures come with risk but people go in anticipating that they will come out alive and better off than when they entered. So if something goes wrong, their life as well as the doctors can change forever.

Before you decide to pursue a career and specific education make sure that the job is going to be a good fit for you. Recognize that some jobs are more high-stress than others. But there is a perfect career out there for you that is both challenging and fulfilling. Education is a great way to start or advance in your new or current career.

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