Since the 1941 debut of “Uncle Jim’s Question Bee” on television American’s have fallen in love with game shows. Through the years they have come and gone but the dream for many Americans of being a million dollar winner hasn’t dwindled. It takes both luck and knowledge to succeed on these shows and  the following list supplies the seven game shows that had the greatest prizes won by a contestant.

Even though people have won money on these games it isn’t very likely. So stop dreaming and actually do something that can help yourself earn more money. One of those ways is by going to school and earning a degree. Because you most likely will learn a lot more by improving yourself and working hard than you will by dreaming about becoming rich while watching the television.

Wealth generally requires doing and not just thinking. These contestants didn’t just walk into the game show they studied and strengthened their minds through learning so that’s what you should do. Being smart has some perks like for those on game shows but that shouldn’t be your primary goal.

1. Jeopardy – the greatest winnings were collected by Bradford Rutter and he had a total earning of $3,255,102 and not only was it the highest on Jeopardy but in game show history. While Ken Jennings earned a total of $3,022,700 over 74 Jeopardy wins.

2. Who Wants to be a Millionaire – As the title explains the prize is $1 million and twelve Americans have accomplished that.

3. Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader – To date two people have won the $1 million prize on of which was a superintendent of public schools and the other a Nobel Prize winner in Physics.

4. Wheel of Fortune – the top prize was $1 million with a grand total of $1,026,080.

5. Deal or No Deal – in 2008 a contestant collected $500,000 from the bank. However two contestants won the million dollar prize when the show added a second million dollar case to the mix.

6. 1 vs. 100 – the game shows first winner was Jason Luna a 21-year-old from San Diego that faced a 100-woman mob.

7. Weakest Link – the potential prize was $1 million but the top prize ever given in the U.S. was $167,500 in a celebrity round with Levar Burton who donated the prize to charity.

Game shows can be entertaining but face the music: it’s a waste of time. Instead of wishing and dreaming about how the money could improve your life do something about it: go back to school. Individuals with a college degree generally earn more money and have better jobs than those that just have a high school diploma. So change your life and earn a college degree.

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