Recent budget cuts across the United States have left hundreds of schools understaffed and classes overflowing with students. Many professors are now using online services like Twitter as a device to connect on a personal level with students that would otherwise not get the attention he or she requires.

“The more the internet develops, the more professors are going to use it as a device to teach more effectively,” said Marcus Varner, an online education analyst at, a free education information service available online.

As the quality of online learning has increased, more traditional schools are incorporating online elements to help them increase their class involvement. By the year 2014 18.65 million students will be taking some combination of classes both in online and classroom settings, according to Ambient Insight research group.

Utilizing tools like Twitter has helped students connect better with a teacher who would be otherwise unapproachable in a lecture hall of 200+ students. Twitter is just one of several online tools that teachers are incorporating into their classes to help participate.

With more and more classes going online, the credibility of online education is increasing. More universities are offering their classes wholly online and some, like the University of Kentucky, are offering entire degree programs online that students from other states can take from their homes.

Online services like help match potential students with degree programs and schools that are perfect for them.

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