College Degrees Can Help EntrepreneursMany entrepreneurs have long held to the stigma that education by experience outweighs knowledge gained in the classroom. However, with the recession taking its toll on business large and small alike, many entrepreneurs are scrambling for any advantage they can get to stay afloat. Often, those advantages are found in college degrees. Growing numbers of small business owners are turning to certificate, license, and degree programs to give their businesses an edge in a tough economy.

“Any piece of knowledge, any new business model, could make the difference between their companies going under or living to fight another day,” says Marcus Varner, education analyst at, a free college information service. “The classroom puts these entrepreneurs in contact with ideas they wouldn’t encounter in the day-to-day world. Those ideas can make all the difference.”

According to Varner, this is a major shift away from the strictly experience-based philosophy entrepreneurs have held to in the past.

“Entrepreneurs are learning that a diploma isn’t just a piece of paper,” continues Varner. “It is a breadth of knowledge and ideas that can save their business. When they see education as a means to strengthening their company, they have no problem taking the time to attend lectures and hit the books. This is their survival, after all.”

Varner also notes that, while many entrepreneurs are enrolling at traditional colleges and universities, growing numbers of them are taking advantage of the conveniences of online colleges. “It makes it easier for them to run their businesses when they can do courses and homework on their own time. And the quality is just as good.” offers free services that match degree-seekers with some of the top accredited online schools. Visitors can request free information regarding courses, financial aid, and other frequently asked questions.

Are you looking for an edge for your small business? Learn more about degree programs at by filling out their form. You will be put in contact with school representatives who will answer your questions and help you start a degree program that fits your schedule and budget.

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