Jobs w/ Low vs. High ExpectationsPicking a career that best fits you out of the thousands available can be difficult. If you are having a hard time choosing a profession, consider whether you want high or low expectations. In some careers, accuracy and efficiency are critical, but in others the expectations are significantly lower.
For the curious, here are four of the best low-expectation jobs out there followed by four of the highest expectation jobs available, courtesy of, a free college information service:

Low Expectation Jobs

1. Pollsters – Even though there’s a science that goes behind polls, the public has relatively low expectations when it comes to results. The common belief says that polls can be distorted, manipulated, and disregarded in days if not hours.

2. Politicians – Unfulfilled promises have become the status quo in politics, making it easy for public servants and their staff members to say one thing and do something completely different.

3. Meteorologists – Weather people are rarely held accountable if the weather does not adhere to their forecasts. They are, however, expected to be semi-good looking with an effervescent personality.

4. Statisticians – The general public does not understand, much less trust, statistics. This results in a virtual carte blanche for statisticians (unless they are involved in launching rockets or monitoring food contaminants).

High Expectation Jobs

1. Accountant – These professionals are notorious for their attention to detail. Thousands, maybe millions, can be at stake if accountants are absolutely accurate in their work.

2. Automobile Producers – As seen in the recent Toyota recalls, bad construction in automobiles can be deadly for individuals. Moreover, they can destroy a brand image that took centuries to build.

3. Pilot – One mistake in the cockpit can result in expensive delays, messy PR disasters, passenger injuries, and even the deaths of hundreds of people.

4. Doctor – Surgery and medical procedures come with risk, but patients still largely hold doctors responsible for any missteps.  Injury, malpractice lawsuits, and even death can occur under the hands of even the most skilled physicians. No pressure.

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