Tuition Rising so Enroll NowAs federal and state budgets tighten, education is inevitably one of the first areas to be trimmed. Facing over 12 trillion dollars in debt, the government is shrinking spending on education. The cost of tuition at public colleges nationwide is rising, prompting would-be students to complete degrees at online schools.

In the last 30 years, the inflation of tuition and fees has increased tenfold according to College Board data, easily outpacing inflation and cost of living increases. To keep living expenses low while in school, many students are switching to online classes that they can take at home.

Online students don’t have to pay for gas to get to school and back,” says Marcus Varner, education analyst at, a free college information service. “They don’t have to leave a full-time job or take a low-paying part-time job just to meet their class schedule. Class comes to them, and that can save a lot of money.”

Tuition rates show no sign of slowing in the near future, prompting many education insiders to forecast increased numbers of degree-seekers flocking to online education. In the last twelve months, for example, UC campuses have raised their tuition rates by 32 percent, leading to widespread student protests.

“People are getting tired of the costs,” continues Varner. “They’re looking for other low-cost alternatives, and I think online education is one of those alternatives.”

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