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Cosmetology is one of the fastest growing industries in America, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but it is also one of the industries with the lowest average pay and limited opportunity for advancement.

Many creative-minded people begin the process of becoming a licensed cosmetologist, only to become discouraged by the competition, low pay or licensing process. According to the BLS, cosmetologists make between $16,500-$20,000 on average.

As the dollar inflates, many people begin looking for careers that can help them make ends meet. Here are four bachelor’s programs that are perfect fallbacks for students interested in cosmetology. So, Find your NEW degree using our degree finder tool.

• Graphic Designer- Annual Income $32,600-$56,000
Students of cosmetology develop an eye for detail and style, which are also keen skills required for graphic design. Utilizing both state-of-the-art technology and classic art techniques, graphic design requires the same creativity and artistic approach as cosmetology, often performing projects according to a client’s specifications. This is also a career that can be done as a side business to cosmetology, dramatically increasing your income.

• Photographer- Annual Income $20,600-$43,000
Photography as an artistic career has many options for employment. High paying jobs in fashion and publication are the highly coveted positions in this industry, but jobs in photojournalism and portrait photography still make more than the average hairdresser. The same artistic eye required in cosmetology is extremely helpful for photographers. And, like graphic design, it’s a great side job for cosmetologists.

• Interior Designer- Annual Income $34,000-$61,000

Interior Design is projected to be one of the fastest growing jobs in the next 10 years, according to the BLS. The demand for interior designers is growing, especially in commercial, medical and domestic settings. Interior Design is a perfect degree program for people who have a knack for seeing what design elements fit into unique areas, much like stylists can tell what hairstyle will look best with every unique face.

• Software Design- Annual Income $36,000-$67,000

Though this degree is far more challenging and technical, the industry is exploding and is paying well. The industry is full of people who are programmers first and designers second. People who are creative and tech savvy, who also have think design and functionality first can find themselves with exciting, well paying work.

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4 comments on “4 Creative Degrees to consider instead of hair school

  • Cosmetology I guess, is not for everybody. 🙂 I would love to be a photographer though. I just need to get some classes first.

  • I agree with Mags – and sometimes we excel at what we enjoy doing far more than we would doing something with no enthusiasm

  • Money isn’t everything but you have to live and so why deliberately put yourself into a career with low pay and poor work conditions if you as an individual are capable of better? Programming is indeed lucrative and creative. Thanks for sharing interesting info.

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