The American Dream: 3 Men That Lived ItThere are many Americans that want to make something of themselves and for them that is defined as owning their own company; and the following three men did exactly that. They were average Americans that didn’t settle and instead created multi-million dollar companies. And you could be next!

These three men spent time studying, learning, and testing  themselves in order to prepare for the future businesses they would run. “An education is a great place to learn the basics, before you start your own business” said Marcus Varner a business analyst at a free information service.

1.  Ben and Jerry – Ben and Jerry were childhood friends that went to college and dropped out but then reunited. Neither were doing well professionally so they decided to open an ice cream shop. They paid $5 for a correspondence course on ice cream making. It became a hit and they sold the brand in 2000 for $326 million dollars.

2. John Sperling – Grew up in a poor sharecropping family. He was Dyslexic and semiliterate when he graduated high school. He served in the military went to college and eventually earned his PhD from Cambridge. He served as a professor but at 53 he decided more needed to be done so he started the University of Phoenix and he’s now a billionaire.

3. Guy Kawasaki – Grew up in Honolulu to a struggling but hard working family. He graduated from high school went to Stanford and earned his degree in psychology then went to law school but dropped out and entered an MBA program. He sold jewelry but then went to work for Apple. He eventually started Fog City Software, Garage and several other successful companies including Alltop.

Those three men can serve as an inspiration to everyone. They set out to achieve something and they did it. If you want to start your own company but believe a college degree is the first step; visit and fill out a form in order to learn more. Advisors from the school of your choice will contact you and answer your questions as well as help you enroll.

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