In America there is a spirit of individualism and differentiation which can often translate into buildings and homes. Whoever said that America in lacking in interesting architecture or buildings, the following 10 strange buildings prove their statement incorrect.  So if you can’t afford to go overseas on an extravagant trip, take a road trip across the U.S. and visit these interesting sites.

Since the U.S. is large there are many styles across the U.S. like the Cape Cod style in the Northeast, Federal style in Mid-Atlantic states, Antebellum in the South, and Adobe in the Southwest. But the fact is that the following buildings are unique and don’t fit into any of those styles, because they’re one of a kind. Courtesy of, the top 10 list of architecturally unique structures Americans should visit.

1. The Basket Building -Ohio

2. Air Force Academy Chapel – Colorado

3. Mammy’s Cupboard – Mississippi

4. Pickle Barrel House Grand Marais – Michigan

5. Kansas City Public Library -Missouri

6. Shoe House – Pennsylvania

7. Chapel in the Rock – Arizona

8. Wonderworks – Tennessee

9. Tempe Municipal Building – Arizona

America's 10 Strangest Buildings

10. Modern Igloo – Alaska

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