Forget the Vacation: Study AbroadMost individuals when they think of spring break or summer think about no school which means it’s time for vacation and serious partying. And that means getting into shape and working on the tan so there aren’t any pasty love handles hanging around. There are lots of destinations to choose from in order to pick the perfect summer vacation whether it’s exploring nature, lying on the beach, or visiting museums. The options are numerous but some destinations are far away or too expensive or to short so the best option is to study abroad.

There are over 672,000 international students that were enrolled in U.S. universities and colleges in 2008/09 according to Vistawide, which means that they are taking advantage of studying abroad so why aren’t more Americans doing it?  The same site also showed that in 2007-08 there were approximately 262,000 American students studying abroad and the numbers continue to grow.

It doesn’t matter what country, length of time, or classes, students choose because they’ll receive academic credit. There are hundreds of options to choose from and that includes cost. Costs vary greatly depending on the program, length of time abroad, as well as the country, but if students want to go abroad then there are options that will most likely fit their needs and budget.

Many students wish to study abroad but have some concerns. Two of the primary concerns are the language and cultural barrier. But if students wish to go to a country where they don’t speak the language they should realize that many universities offer classes in English and if they’re worried about the culture they should realize that there are probably some McDonalds, KFC, or Burger King nearby they may go to on occasion.

Study abroad is a great opportunity for students to travel and experience the world without quitting school. They can have a cultural experience while still earning academic credit. There are programs most likely offered through the student's university or college but there are also private programs as well.  There are programs that can fit the student’s needs.  

But if they don’t fit the student’s needs, there is another option. By taking online courses individuals don’t have to be tied to a specific campus or location and they have greater flexibility to travel. Plus they can be sure that they are actually working on relevant coursework towards their degree. An online education is a great option. In order to learn more about higher education and online degrees, visit By filling out a simple form, individuals will be able to speak with counselors at accredited schools.

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