As far as cool buildings throughout the world go there are a lot of them. For many people they try to hit one as they’re visiting a country but for some people that love architecture that’s why they go to that destination. There are many ways to build homes, buildings, and other forms of infrastructure, but as the world becomes increasingly connected much of the architecture starts to look the same. However, there are still many architecturally unique buildings that span the globe.

Part of what makes traveling interesting is seeing new things. That’s why cities and companies take great pride in the buildings they construct. Buildings often portray the wealth and beauty of the city as well as the companies or individuals that reside in them. Great architecture and construction can set cities apart from each other because they serve as landmarks. These are the top 10 strangest buildings, courtesy of ENNews.

worlds strangest buildings1. Great Mosque of Djenne – Djenne, Mali

2. Hang Nga Guesthouse (Crazy House) – Vietnam

3. Nautilus House – Mexico City, Mexico

4. The Crooked House – Sopot, Poland

5. Hundertwasser Building –
Darmstadt, Germany

6. Habitat 67 – Montreal, Canada

The Esplanade – Singapore

8. Cathedral of Brasilia – Brazil

9. Eden Project – United Kingdom

Kunsthaus – Graz, Austria

There are some interesting and beautiful buildings that are definitely unique. So it can be extremely fun especially if you’re interested in architecture to travel around and see the craziest buildings throughout the world. Some are completely crazy and stand out like a sore thumb while others are beautiful and tend to blend in with their surroundings.

Looking and analyzing the different architecture styles can be interesting but it can also be a career. Study architecture and learn how to design and construct your own masterpieces instead of looking at someone else’s. In order to learn more about architecture, construction management and other related degrees visit, a free information site. They can help answer student’s questions and get students in touch with academic counselors by filling out a simple form. A career in architecture requires an education, so get started.

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