criminal-justice-degreeCriminal Justice Degrees are one of the most sought after degrees currently, and one with the biggest employment potential, according to a report from the Department of Education.

Four of the fastest growing and most profitable careers in Criminal Justice are the following:

1. Crime Scene Investigator- If you’ve ever watched any CSI shows on TV, you have a slightly exaggerated view of what the day to day is for a crime scene investigator. Of course the average investigator won’t be solving mysterious murders every single day, the day to day tasks are some of the most interesting things that one can do. It will take a lot of interest in science and testing, but if that does interest you, it’s a perfect career. Crime scene investigators take home $60,000-$69,000 annually.

2. Detective or Criminal Investigator- One of the most popular postions for criminal justice degree, it’s also one of the most profitable and exclusive. Detectives take home an average $63,000 annually, but getting into this field requires years of experience and a rigorous examinations. Be prepared to work hard to get this job.

3. Federal Air Marshal- This is a great career for people who interested in Criminal Justice, and love to travel. Of course there will be a lot of waiting in airports and sitting in airplanes. This is obviously a real problem for a lot of people, and the idea of making several dozen flights in a short time period might be too much. Salaries for air marshals range from $46,950 to $82,417 annually.

4. Criminologist- A criminologist is often defined as someone who studies crime, criminal behavior, types of crime, and social, cultural and media reactions to crime. Some call criminology a ‘rendezvous subject’ since any discipline can study crime, though having a degree in Criminal Justice is extremely helpful. This is a great career for people who have interest in studying the human mind and criminality. The average salary is between $30,000-$40,000 annually.

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