associate degreeStudents all over the country are facing tough economic times as tuition and school fees are increasing nationwide. With budgets being cut and schools being forced to take drastic measures, many students are turning to online education.

There are many reasons to switch to online education including the following:

  1. Get your degree faster
  2. Online degree programs are designed to be accelerated. Working on your personal schedule and only taking the classes that help you graduate will help you get a traditional 4 year degree in 2 or 3 years. With the average tuition rate at $7,000 a year, you can potentially save yourself $14,000.

  3. Online classes are less expensive than traditional classes
  4. The best part about online classes is that many colleges and universities actually charge less for the same courses online instead of in classes.

    St. Leo University in Florida is one of the many universities that is offering these cuts. The school gives 10 percent off to online students.

  5. Save on gasoline costs
  6. If you are a working person with a family, you probably already spend more in gasoline per month than you’d like. Going to a brick and mortar university only increases that expense. Consider this: If you have to travel 25 miles to get to school and 25 miles to get home and you go to class four days a week, you’ve already added 200 miles to your weekly commute. At the end of a semester, you’ve added  3,200 miles to your average commute. At $2.50 a gallon, you’re looking at an additional $320 per semester. That adds up to almost $3,000 extra for the average undergraduate.

  7. No high housing costs
  8. Dorm fees and expensive college area apartments add up quickly, with the average student paying $5,000 for room and board per semester, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. By the end of an average 9-semester bachelor’s program, living at home could save $45,000.

  9. Attend a cheaper college in a different state

The California State university system raised tuition 32% in 2010, to try and recover from almost $1 billion in budget cuts. Instead of paying the average extra $20,000 due to tuition increases, students now have the option to take online programs from schools all over the country, and pay a much lower rate.

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