Congratulations! You’re one step closer to a college education. Now that you’ve filled out our form, we’d like to talk to you about choosing the best school for you.

There are many things to consider when planning for your education. What do you want to do after graduation? What are your interests? What are your passions? What are your talents? The more you know about what you want to do and how you want to accomplish it, the easier it will be to choose a school and program for you.

Make sure you can answer the following questions before your conversation with a representative:

  1. Do you have a high school diploma or GED? What year did you earn your degree?
  2. What college degree are you interested in? (i.e. Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate)
  3. What area of study interests you?
  4. When would you like to start classes?
  5. Do you have a computer and internet access in your home?
  6. What is motivating you to get a college degree?
  7. What do you want to accomplish with a college degree?
  8. Why do you want to go to an online university?
  9. Have you already looked into other universities? Which ones?
  10. Do you need a school that offers financial aid? Are you in default for financial aid?

Once we have this information from you, we can recommend schools to you that fit your preferences. We will then get in contact with those schools and have their counselors contact you.


The next step after speaking with a school counselor is the actual enrollment process.  In order to complete the enrollment process, you will need access to several pieces of information. Listed below are the necessary forms and how to access them:

Last year’s tax information

If you filed your own taxes, you should have a file on your computer of your tax information. If you had a service file your taxes (ex. H&R Block) you can call them and get your tax information.

Your high school diploma

To get a copy of your high school diploma, call your high school and speak with someone in the records department. It can take up to a few weeks to get the copy of your high school diploma.

A recent FAFSA form (filled out within the last year)

If you have not filled out a FAFSA form, our education advisors can help you fill out your online FAFSA form.

Your unofficial transcript

What’s this?  Your unofficial transcript is essentially a copy of all your past report cards. It shows the courses you’ve enrolled in, the grade you received, your semester GPA and cumulative GPA. Contact your school’s registrar’s office to get a copy of your unofficial transcript.

74 comments on “10 Questions to Prepare You for the Phone Call

  • Hello, I am looking for help to go to school and expand on my education and carrer.

    Thank you, Marcia tidwell

  • I am a budding writer and am interested in earning a degree in creative writing so as to become a published author

  • What are the cost involved with an online college versus a local Junior College! I have been told that with the local Junior College the fees maybe negotiable?

  • i am 21 have a lil job never been to college have my high school diploma i am interested in counseling ir social worker

  • i’m looking for financial help so that i can further my education and get a good paying job now that my kids are grown.

  • I’m looking for help with grants and financial aid so I can become a mental health techian. Long term goal is to be a substance abuse councilor.

  • I’m looking for financial aid , to continue my education. god blessed as you ready to assist.

  • I need help with GED and paying for school to better my life in witch i am very committed too acheiving in my life.

  • i need help with my GED to better my life and to better the life for my children and have a skill to fall back on.

  • I want to be a published and successful author and Illustrator for children’s books and create art as healing tool.

  • Maybe something will come my way soon and hopefully my inbox won’t be spammed to death and phone ringing off the hook by someone only lying on the other end just so they can profit off of me.

  • I’ve been out of work since June 08′. Things aren’t looking any brighter in the construction industry in SWFL. I’m in need of a career change and increased education is the only way to get it. I am in need of financial assistants and government grants to attain and sustain my goals. I look forward to achieving my goals. I am currently self-educating for the Computer A+ certification as a starting point, and plan on testing prior to November 2011. I wish to attend college online as a way to better utilize time, complementing my current learning goals, and as a way to decrease travel, which waste a lot of time. I prefer contact via e-mail as my cell phone is a pre-paid minutes phone. See you at graduation!!

  • I would really like to better myself and maybe start a small business of my own and I need more education and information on how to do it. I feel like no one can have too much education. Right now I am not financially able to do it on my own and I need some financial help.

  • I’m trying to improve my life so I can live comfortably and be able to help my children in there childhood as well as there adult life.

  • I have already chosen a college. Panola College in Carthage TX. I’ve been in contact with them and I just need the grant money for my LVN class.

  • After 38 years of grades 1-6 teaching, I retired. I want to earn an EdD or PhD in “Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment” in order to combat the current trend of the “dumbing of America”.

  • Since I am retired, I will need some financial aid in order to earn my advanced degree. I feel it is cruial that the negative micromanaging be stopped and children and teachers be allowed to use their inherent creativity in order to learn effectively.

  • I am looking into going back to school so I can accomplish more in life; not just for me but for my 11 year old son. But I don’t have the money to go back to school.
    So I am looking for help to go back to school. If you know of anything please don’t hesitate to let me know.

  • I am currently enrolled in a college and start school on Jan 31, 2011. If there is other grants and funding to help me with my education and other expenses I sure would like to know about them. I am not interested in going to another school at this time.

  • hello everyone, im interested in trying to go back to school to get my g.e.d,but at the same time try to go to class in healthcare.i love helping people.

  • I’m looking to make a career change,been welding for about 20 years and things have been a little slow!

  • I’ve been a stay home mom for 10+ years, and I want more out of life than to watch my kids prosper & pass me by.

  • i am looking for the first time to get a degree in something i have thought about for a long time. i am going to need financial aid and hope this search will help me to head in the right direction

  • I am already in school full-time and I have 3 children. I was requesting a personal grant not a school grant. I am just trying to insure my kids and I will have a roof over our heads and not become homeless.



  • I would like to thank Education Today for helping people and for their reputation. This means we have brothers all around the world.

  • Looking for a college nursing as a lpn love working with people and need to find a college close to home or something on line.. busy mom

  • I really need to find a good college. I am not getting any younger and 40 is 4 years away:( My kids will be getting older as well and I need to be there for them.

  • I am a pay check to pay check working man. I would love to find a college that is ideal for me. To make me a better man well able to take care of my family without worry about which should I pay along with feeding my family.

  • I’m looking for a College on line so that I can stay at home and still be around my Family. Tired of having to live pay check to pay check from my Husband. Hopefully I can find a good College that can help with me getting a New Career and a better Life. Hopefully, on line.

  • im 22 and my life needs to take a serious change.. not only for me but for my son also. A career is just what i need to get our life on the right track!!!!

  • I’m 30 and my life needs to take a serious change. Not only me but my career, a collage is just what I need to accomplish my life. Can’t wait to visit or learn more about your school’s.

  • i am 50 plus years old, it has been a long time since i went to school. how will 30 year old transcripts from school help out now?

  • My mother has inspired me my friends have moved on, now its my turn too suit up and showup. Thanks

  • I would love to get a degree to get a career that i love to do everyday and not dread going to work.

  • I would like to say school is really everything to get a good job and support your family. so I would like to say thank you and don’t ever give up!

  • I am tired of always getting hired by companies who need to meet their obligations for EEO guidelines, then get fired. I am tired of being taunted by Head Oversight Men in the Red Helmets, because I am a woman and I am Native American, and told to quit taking jobs away from hard working men. I want to be able to get the qualification to be able to be the one in the red helmet and not have to worry about keeping my job , I have work 15+ years in the construction field and I resent the negative feedback I get every year I apply for work. It is getting harder and harder and I am not getting any younger.

  • I am interested in a school where I can finish online my fourth year of college to obtain a bachelor’s degree. I am also interested in financial aid.

  • I am Certified Medical Assistant with 3 children looking to further my career in a LPN or RN program with financial aid

  • I don’t find any comfort in the fact that I answered all of these 10 questions on line. And now they are wanting me to answer them again??? I find that totally a waste of my time.

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